Wynne Liberals Gutting Health Care

Published on November 17, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown called on the Premier to tell Ontarians why the Liberal Government refuses to make health care services a priority.  This year alone, the Wynne Liberals have cut health care funding by $54 million, and have slashed physician services three times for a total of $815 million.

“The Financial Accountability Officer’s report said that the government hopes “that measures to reduce physician fees will help them balance the budget.  How many more times will the Government slash physician service fees at the expense of patient care?” stated Leader Patrick Brown.

These Liberal cuts to physician service fees directly affect the quality of patient care Ontario’s doctors are able to provide, and many doctors have threatened to leave the province and practice elsewhere.

While the government continues to gut health care services in Ontario, this Government has made its spending priorities clear:

  • $2.5 billion to host the Pan Am Games, including a $74 million bailout

  • $24 million to overpaid executives at Hydro One

  • $3.7 million to teachers’ unions for bargaining costs without a single receipt

“The Deputy Premier routinely shouts about the ‘one percent’ when we question the government’s cuts to physician service fees,” added Leader Patrick Brown.  “But the Liberal Government is the first to defend the outrageous salary of Hydro One’s CEO – one that is almost 40 times that of a new doctor.”

Leader Patrick Brown concluded, “We have 800,000 Ontarians without a family doctor.  Yet this government is cutting 50 residency spots.  When is this government going to make quality health care a priority?”