Published on May 01, 2015

CORNWALL — Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson today addressed the Ontario Chamber of Commerce’s 2015 Annual General Meeting, telling its members that Ontario cannot afford the Liberal budget.

“Ontario continues to suffer from a lack of direction – or at least what I would call good direction.  The government continues to pile more debt on us, more taxes on individuals and businesses and more burdens on businesses, our job creators,” said Wilson.

Wilson highlighted areas where the Liberals could have taken action to turn the province around but didn’t:

•Walking away from the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan – instead they re-committed to the plan which will only increase costs for both employees and employers

•Rejecting the planned implementation of a Carbon Tax – instead they embraced it

•Streamlining Home Care Services – instead a new layer of bureaucracy was created

•A serious, credible and detailed plan to deal with the deficit and debt – instead the deficit actually grew larger

•Action to make electricity rates more affordable – instead ratepayers will face an increasing burden.

“The amount of money spent on interest payments on the debt is the highest growth area in the budget.  A higher growth rate than education, and health, and there’s no plan to deal with the debt,” added Wilson.

Ontario has the largest debt of any subnational jurisdiction in the world.  Our debt is worse than any state or province.  Yet the Liberal government continues to have an addiction to spending.

“Ontarians can’t afford to have a new payroll tax that kills jobs, a new carbon tax that will increase the price of everything, or skyrocketing hydro rates that are only going to get worse.  Being told ‘trust us’ just isn’t good enough. Ontario cannot afford this Liberal budget,” Wilson concluded.