We will

We will:

  • End Corporate Welfare: Cancel the corrupt ‘Jobs and Prosperity’ Fund, which the Wynne Liberals have used to give grants and handouts to a small group of businesses on an invite-only basis. 
  • Support Regional Economic Development Funds which provide necessary help to regions like rural and Northern Ontario to attract investments and create good jobs.
  • Reward Job Creation: Lower business taxes from 11.5% to 10.5% and lower the Manufacturing and Processing rate by the same amount so that more employers can invest, grow and create jobs in Ontario.
  • Help Small Business: Reduce the small business tax rate by 8.7%.
  • Cut red tape and stifling regulations that are crippling job creation and growth.
  • Customer service guarantee: single-window access for approvals with a hard one-year deadline.
  • Help fill the skills gap by increasing access to apprenticeships and reforming the foreign credential recognition process to help qualified immigrants come to Ontario and contribute to the economy to their fullest potential immediately.
  • Further expand sales of beer and wine into corner stores, grocery stores, and box stores, based on market demand and not government decree.  Maintain the LCBO’s role in wholesale and distribution and as a location for the people of Ontario to buy their beer, wine and spirits.


What this will cost:

Ending Corporate Welfare – Savings of $270 million per year.

Continue Existing Regional Economic Development Funds - Will maintain current funding as detailed in Ontario’s previous economic development budget.

Reducing Business Taxes - $1.3 billion per year starting in year two.

Reducing Small Business Taxes - $60 million per year starting in year two.