The following is a statement from Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown regarding the Ontario PC Party’s Opposition Day Motion:

Published on October 01, 2015

“By voting down our motion, this government has proven once more that they are not in the business of being transparent or accessible.  Recent polls suggest that 78 percent of Ontarians believe this fire sale will increase their electricity bills, yet this government continues to plow ahead without addressing their concerns.

What’s more, since the Wynne Liberals have removed all independent oversight over the sale of Hydro One, Ontarians won’t ever know if they’ve received fair value for this asset.  This government has a record of financial incompetence, yet important decisions continue to be made behind closed doors.  How can the Wynne Liberals be trusted with selling off a public asset as important as Hydro One?

Ontarians do not support this fire sale.  If the Liberals can’t assure Ontarians that selling off Hydro One is in their best interest, then it’s clear they just aren’t in it for Ontario anymore.”