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Party Executive


Brian Patterson


Chris Loreto

1st Vice President

Melanie Paradis

2nd Vice President

Bola Otaraki

3rd Vice President

Patrick Harris

4th Vice President

Heather Kenny

5th Vice President

Ben Ambler

6th Vice President

Tim Iqbal

7th Vice President

Laura Kurkimaki

8th Vice President

Vincent Ho

9th Vice President

Derek Parks

RVP North West

Diane Suski

RVP North East

Robert Elliott

RVP Ottawa

Carlo Petraca

RVP Central East

Daniel Paolini

RVP South West

Dan Muys

RVP South Central

Melissa Lantsman

RVP Toronto

Anthony Yeow


Tony Vella


Kevin Weatherbee

RVP Central West

Fred Slade


Matt Rae


Jag Badwal

Immediate Past President 



Ontario PC Leadership 2018

Statement from Ontario PC Party President Jag Badwal
“Earlier this evening, the Ontario PC Party Executive met with members from LEOC to confirm details of the 2018 Ontario PC Leadership Race. Ontario PC members will select a new Leader on March 10, 2018.* 
“I am excited to announce that the Ontario PC Party has a path forward to selecting our next Leader and future Premier. The new leader will have a united Party behind them ready to fight and win the upcoming election. 

“Throughout the race, we look forward to an exciting discussion about the future of our party. The Ontario PC Party will come out of this united, and stronger than ever."
Statement from the Chair of the Leadership Election Organization Committee (LEOC) Hartley Lefton
“Tonight is a major step forward in selecting a new Leader to unite the Ontario PCs as we prepare for the 2018 election. The 2018 Ontario PC Leadership Race will see party members from every region of the province able to vote and select Ontario’s future premier. Balloting will be conducted by secure remote electronic voting.
"This open, democratic process will not only allow for greater engagement of our members, but will position us strongly in the months to come so that together the Party can bring about change that works for Ontario families.”

You can read the Leadership rules here.

Doug Ford

Doug Ford is a businessman and leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. 
Doug’s commitment to public service runs in his family. Three generations of Fords have served the people of Ontario in elected office. 
Doug resides in Etobicoke with his wife Karla and four daughters. Doug and his family have been lifelong residents of their community. His service to the public includes over 20 years of dedicated work with the Toronto West Rotary Club. 
In 2010 Doug was elected to Toronto City Council, continuing a longstanding tradition of serving the residents of Etobicoke North. At City Hall, Doug worked tirelessly as Vice Chair of the Budget Committee, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars in savings for taxpayers. 
A firm believer in our party and its ideals, Doug has worked on the frontlines of the Ontario PC Party for decades. 

10 Ontario Burgers You Must Discover!

With Canada’s 150th birthday fast approaching, we reflect on all the little joys that make Ontario so special. From the food we eat, the theatre we watch, to the historical gems tucked away, Ontario is steeped in history and full of ‘must see’ surprises. And who better to ask then those who know our communities inside and out: our MPPs and candidates!

Each of them was asked a list of questions on what makes Ontario so unique and special. Every day leading up to our country’s 150th, we reveal their favourites – from eateries, to icons, to the best haunted houses, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to add your recommendation on what you believe makes your community one-of-a-kind. 

Ontario is loaded with the works when it comes to fantastic burger joints. Bon appétit!

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