Statement from Ontario PC ORPP Critic Julia Munro concerning the Liberals’ ORPP Secretariat

Published on January 22, 2016

“The abrupt closure of Goodwill Industries of Toronto, Eastern, Central and Northern Ontario (TECNO) continues to leave hundreds of employees and their families reeling. The doors have been closed on them, and many of Ontario's most vulnerable.
It is troubling that Goodwill’s senior management made the decision to shut down its website, eliminating access to financial information, reports, meeting agendas and minutes, particularly since this organization receives over $1 million each year in provincial funding.

The mass resignation of the members of Goodwill TECNO’s Board of Directors is also concerning. It would be of particular interest to Ontarians to hear from David Wai, who was until last week a member of Goodwill’s Board and is currently the Director of Policy and Plan Design for the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Implementation Secretariat.
Ontarians supported Goodwill TECNO through their tax dollars and private donations. In the absence of any explanation as to how Goodwill TECNO came to such a disturbing financial end, Ontarians may rightly question the management of the hard earned money that will soon be deducted from their paycheques for the ORPP. We already know that the Liberals’ disastrous plan will kill at least 18,000 jobs. At the very least, Ontarians deserve the assurance from the Wynne government that the ORPP will not suffer the same fate as Goodwill TECNO.”