Statement from Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the upcoming announcement from Ontario’s Attorney General

Published on October 04, 2017

“Kathleen Wynne has an agenda. That agenda is to re-open debates about divisive social issues. No one wants this. I don’t want it. The only person who wants to talk about this issue is Kathleen Wynne. She’s not motivated by what’s good for Ontario. She’s motivated, as always, by what’s good for her.

“Let me be very clear: I am pro-choice. That includes protecting women exercising their rights from intimidation or harassment.

“If Kathleen Wynne wants to re-open this debate, she’s welcome to. While she’s doing that, I’ll be talking about creating good jobs, relief for beleaguered middle-class families, and closing the door on waste and corruption. It isn’t time in Ontario to debate divisive social issues. It’s time for real change that puts families first, the people, not the insiders.”