Published on July 10, 2015

“The job numbers released today show steady growth for the month of June.  This is good news for those who were able to find employment.

Unfortunately, this month’s job numbers represent only a short-term gain.  Ontario remains a province known for its high cost to live and do business, reckless overspending, and ballooning debt.  As a direct result of its economic policies, this government is making it harder and harder for businesses to operate in Ontario and families to get by. 

Nothing has been more damaging to Ontario’s economy than its soaring energy prices.  The Ontario Chamber of Commerce report released this week highlights how rising electricity rates are crippling businesses in Ontario, with one in 20 expecting to close their doors in the next five years.  By having some of the highest energy costs in North America, the Wynne government seems dead-set on making it harder for businesses to thrive in Ontario.

Now, the Liberals are trying to introduce a new carbon tax. Coupled with our province's skyrocketing energy rates, not only will this tax shutter the windows of our largest manufacturers and drive businesses away, but will increase the cost of living for Ontarians. The last thing families need right now is another tax. To add insult to injury, we know that this carbon tax is less about the environment, and all about generating new revenue for the Liberal’s crushing deficit and out-of-control spending.

Businesses want to invest and create jobs in places where there is a fiscally responsible government. This week, Ontario got more bad news, with S&P downgrading Ontario’s credit rating from AA- to A+.  A massive debt and increased borrowing rates means less money available for the services Ontarians care about, like health care and education. This news comes at a time when Ontario’s education system is already in disarray, with elementary and secondary school teachers across the province preparing to be in a legal strike position before the start of the new school year, leaving approximately 2-million children out of the classroom.

Until the Wynne government addresses critical economic issues, Ontario will continue on this dismal path.  We thought Kathleen Wynne was going to be different, but the truth is, the Liberals just aren’t in it for Ontarians anymore.”