Statement by Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown on the Simcoe North By-Election

Published on September 03, 2015

First and foremost, I want to say thank you. Thank you to the volunteers who helped out each and every day, and to the residents of Simcoe North who voted for me.

Today, the constituents of Simcoe North showed that they will support a candidate and a Party that speaks of the potential of Ontario. I am honoured to be the Member of Provincial Parliament for Simcoe North, and I promise to represent the best interests of the residents of Simcoe North day in and day out at Queen’s Park.

The residents of Simcoe North voted against a Liberal government which represents higher prices, higher taxes, and higher unemployment. Under the Liberal’s watch, Ontario has had its credit rating downgraded, lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs, and become the most indebted sub-national borrower in the world – not to mention the four OPP investigations they are facing.

When the Legislature resumes on September 14th, I will take on the role of Leader of the Official Opposition, where I will hold the government accountable for its actions and provide a strong alternative beyond what the Liberals and the NDP can offer. I will continue to put my heart and energy into defending the best interest of Ontarians.

I want to build an Ontario that’s the most attractive place to start a business – and the best place to raise a family. It’s the Ontario that the PC Party has built before – and the one that we will build again.

I am so proud to be the new MPP for Simcoe North. It means we are one step closer to having a Premier from Simcoe County. Tonight marks the beginning of the march towards building a Progressive Conservative majority government in 2018.

Thank you for your support.