Statement by Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson Recognizing South Asian Heritage Month

Published on May 01, 2015

I would like to congratulate members of Ontario’s South Asian community as we mark May as South Asian Heritage Month.

This beautiful month-long celebration recognizes the presence of South Asian people in our province, celebrates their heritage and commemorates their arrival from the Indian subcontinent to the Americas beginning on May 5, 1838. This date is therefore known and celebrated as South Asian Arrival Day.

I am proud to say that South Asian Heritage Month in Ontario was initiated in 2001 by my former colleague, Raminder Gill. This month is an opportunity to recognize the countless contributions made by Ontario’s South Asian community since the start of the 20th century. It is a chance for people in the province to celebrate this special month and learn more about South Asian cultural heritage.

As Ontario PC Interim Leader, I have had the opportunity to meet with leaders in the South Asian community, whether at Diwali celebrations in Brampton or Vaisakhi celebrations in Mississauga and Etobicoke. The strong sense of unity exhibited by this community is truly remarkable and it is something to be admired.

I am always struck by the mutual values that the South Asian community and conservatives across Ontario share, from our belief in strong families, freedom and democracy to our vision that Ontario should always be a place where our children have better opportunities than we did.

On behalf of the Ontario PC Caucus, I want to thank the South Asian community for its extraordinary contribution to our province - as business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, scientists and athletes. Have a very happy South Asian Heritage Month.