Red Flags Raised at COP21 Over Liberal Cap-and-Trade Scheme

Published on December 07, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Ontario PC Critic for Environment and Cap-and-Trade Lisa Thompson issued the following statement on the Liberal Government’s climate change announcement at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference:

"The Liberal Government’s announcement today once again provided little to no details.  It’s clear the Wynne Liberals rushed their announcement and it is simply another tax grab.  The reality is, this government has a multi-billion dollar deficit, and they need new revenue to pay for their mistakes.

As demonstrated by many countries participating in the conference, reducing emissions must involve a cost-benefit analysis and a comprehensive plan.  What we've seen from the Liberal Government so far is little to no details, yet this plan is expected to impact the costs of everything from fuel, to groceries, to manufactured goods.  Climate change cannot be ignored; however we need a fully-costed plan so that the families and businesses of Ontario can plan accordingly.  We all know that we can do better for our environment, but it shouldn't come at the cost of jobs and an unbearable burden on families.

Moreover, the Liberals have a well-documented track record for bungling policy.  The Auditor General's report this week confirmed that the Liberals cannot be trusted  - everything from SAMS, to Children's Aid, to its economic development programs are characterized by a complete lack of oversight, planning and accountability, all to the detriment of Ontario taxpayers. It’s clear the Wynne Liberals cannot  be trusted to implement this program properly."