Open Letter to Premier Wynne

Published on July 23, 2015

Dear Premier Wynne:

When I became Leader of the Ontario PC Party in May of this year, you made a commitment that you wouldn't delay a by-election call as soon as a riding became available.  Yesterday, Garfield Dunlop, an invaluable member of the PC Party for more than 20 years, announced his resignation as MPP for Simcoe North to provide me the opportunity to represent the interests and concerns of this constituency at Queen’s Park.

Now, your Deputy Premier, Deb Matthews, says you intend to delay the by-election until after the October 19th federal election.

I have often said that as Progressive Conservatives, we’ll support what is in the best interests of Ontario, regardless of whether that idea came from the PCs, the Liberals or the NDP. When another political party has a good idea that will benefit Ontarians, I believe we should support it.  It’s important to show the people of Ontario that as politicians, we are ready, willing and able to work with others, and that we are above political games.

Ontarians expect this and they deserve this from us.

The role of the Official Opposition is to hold the government accountable for its actions.  If you truly believe that your government’s ideas will be good for our province as you claim, you should be open to having me in the Legislature as Leader of the Official Opposition asking you questions come September.

In your role as Premier, you have always valued open dialogue and discussion. Given the significant problems the province faces – a recent credit downgrade, skyrocketing hydro prices, and the potential for a province-wide teachers strike – Ontarians deserve an alternative beyond what you and the NDP can offer.

I have no doubt that you will promptly call a by-election, so that the dialogue between us can occur in the Legislature as it is intended. This by-election in Simcoe North could be completed before the federal election is significantly underway if called promptly without delay as you committed to doing on May 11th, 2015.

I will continue to put my heart and energy into defending the best interests of Ontarians. It is my sincere hope that the Liberals won’t break yet another promise, and instead show your willingness to work with me and the PC Caucus to ensure the best interests of all Ontarians are represented at Queen’s Park.

Premier Wynne, I urge you to do the right thing. Allow your record, your ideas, and your aspirations for Ontario to face the test of oversight, scrutiny, and questions. The right thing for democracy is to allow the Leader of the Official Opposition to face you in Question Period and debate the merit of each idea. Ontarians don’t need political games – they want an honest debate of ideas in their Legislature.  


Patrick Brown

Ontario PC Leader