Ontario-Quebec Agreement Makes Sense

Published on May 11, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown today commended the Ontario and Quebec governments on their announced trade deal.  “The details related to procurement for either Ontario or Quebec firms will make the rules the same, wherever the company is located.”

“Based on the details that have been released so far about the procurement chapter of the Ontario-Quebec Trade and Co-operation Agreement, this appears to be a policy that will promote economic activity and is in the best interest of Ontarians.  An established procurement framework that will cut red tape and make it easier for Ontario businesses to operate is a good thing and something I can support,” said Brown.

“I have always said that there is no monopoly on a good idea, and that if an idea is good for Ontario families and businesses, I would champion it regardless of whether it came from the Liberals, NDP, PCs or anywhere else. Today’s announcement appears to fall into that category,” stated Brown.