Ontario PC Team is Ready to Govern

Published on June 05, 2018
Radical NDP candidates will endanger jobs, economy and public safety
With the June 7 Ontario Election just days away, Ontario PC Leader Doug Ford today discussed how the PC team of all star candidates will be ready to govern on day one.

“We have a team that is ready to govern,” said Ford. “Our candidates include public servants, including majors and cabinet ministers with decades of experience, small business people, teachers, doctors, nurses, lawyers, journalists, police officers, veterans and reservists — all of whom are continuing their public service in a new arena.”


Ford contrasted the Ontario PC all-star team to the slate of candidates being offered by the NDP.  To date the NDP has enabled multiple candidates with offensive and radical views that include histories of anti-Semitism, accusing the men and women of the Canadian forces of war crimes, calling for a 35 cent per litre carbon tax, multiple arrests for crimes like sabotage and publicly taunting local police with profanity and racial slurs.

“Andrea Horwath has had weeks to hold her candidates accountable. She has had weeks to demand a higher standard.  She has had weeks to demonstrate her party has changed for the better,” said Ford. “Instead, Ms. Horwath continues to coddle and indulge the extremists and radicals in her party.  But if the NDP leader is not prepared to stand up against extremism now, why would anyone think she will do so as Premier?”

“Only our Ontario PC team is qualified and credible, and we have a plan for the people,” Ford said. “We’re going cut gas prices by 10 cents a litre, reduce middle class income taxes by 20 per cent, cut your hydro bills by 12 per cent and give minimum wage earners and working parents a break. Our team will cut red tape and create good jobs, restore accountability to government, and make an unprecedented investment in health care, long-term care and mental health.”

“Our team is ready to create new and better jobs, put more money in your pocket, improve health care and education, and ensure safer streets,” said Ford. “On June 7, we are asking for your vote. Change is coming and help is on the way.”