Ontario PC Team is Ready to Govern

Published on June 02, 2018

While Liberals favour insiders, and NDP answer to special interests – only the Ontario PC Team will fight for the people

Doug Ford today joined a team of candidates from across Eastern Ontario to share how an Ontario PC Government will hit the ground running if entrusted with government on June 7.

“Our all-star team around me here is ready to step up and govern right away,” said Ford. “And we are the only team that has a modest and responsible plan that will deliver real results for the people.”

Ford contrasted the strength of the Ontario PC team to the disastrous record of the Kathleen Wynne Liberals and the risky radical agenda of the NDP.

“Under the Liberals, your hydro rates have more than doubled, 300,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost and Ontario’s debt has doubled, all while a parade of Liberal friends and insiders got rich,” said Ford. “As for the NDP, their candidates have a long history of slandering our veterans and our police, accusing our soldiers of war crimes, and plotting to impose a 35 cent per litre carbon tax. The NDP are where radical politics meet bad policies. And that would be toxic for jobs.”

Ford also used the roundtable to outline the priorities that a PC government would focus on if elected on June 7.

“Our team is ready to govern and ready to deliver real results for the people,” said Ford. “On June 7, you don’t have to choose between Liberal insiders and NDP special interests. Instead you can vote for the right team, with the right plan to deliver for the people right away.”