Published on April 08, 2019


The job of the Eastern Regional Organizer will see you given responsibility for overseeing 20 ridings. It will be your job to liaise with your ridings and provide them the support they need to be successful in their planning, fundraising and membership goals, with the primary purpose being to prepare them for the next provincial election in 2022.

As the Eastern Regional Organizer for the Ontario PC Party, your goals will include:

  1. Work with each riding to create an annual plan, which you will review with them quarterly, to ensure that the riding is making progress as we build towards 2022.
  2. Ensure that all your ridings are compliant with Election Ontario Financing Rules.
  3. Conduct Delegate Selection Meetings and Nomination Meetings as instructed.
  4. Ensure that your ridings are trained and are actively using our Party tools.
  5. Work to build teams in non-member held ridings that can execute campaign plans and strategies come the next election.
  6. Participation in by-elections should any be called in your region.
  7. You will also be responsible for providing help on Premier’s and Minister’s Tour within the Region.

Your key deliverables are as follows:

  1. Obtain the vital stats from your ridings and stay in contact with the key members of the riding.
  2. Create an annual plan, as per above, which is tailored for the needs of each individual riding, with the key focus being meeting fundraising objectives.
  3. Ensure that riding Campaign Returns are accepted, and rebate has been delivered.
  4. Ensure that any outstanding AR1s are filed promptly. Moving forward, an emphasis on routine and proper filings will be paramount.
  5. Learn how to use Ontario PC Party products such as CIMs, so that you can help ridings when issues arise.

Work life:

This is a part time position and the hours will vary, with some times of the year, when it is time for AGMs, or DSMs, requiring more time than others. As this is the North, this job will require more extensive travel than is typical in other regions. You will work from your home office and will primarily use technology to communicate with your ridings. Should a by-election be called, you may be required to run the campaign which will then be an additional responsibility to this role.

Should you be required to manage the by-election campaign, you may have to relocate for a few months and will be required to work at least 60 hours per week during that time. Should this occur, it should be noted that compensation will be adjusted accordingly.

To apply for this position, please submit your resume online, no later than April 22, 2019, to tamara.tomilko@ontariopc.com.