Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown Letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne

Published on September 14, 2015

Dear Premier Wynne:

Thank you for your kind wishes on my by-election victory in the riding of Simcoe North.

As I prepare to take on my role as Leader of the Official Opposition, the PC Caucus and I will be focusing on our priorities for the fall legislative session. Principally, our three main concerns are:

  • Education: Elementary students and their parents should not continue to face the uncertainty and anxiety of potential labour unrest in the classrooms with the school year starting today. Your government has had ample time to negotiate a settlement with ETFO.

  • Hydro One: The people of Ontario remain strongly opposed to the proposed majority sale of Hydro One. Since the Legislature rose in June for the summer break, the PC Caucus and I have heard from thousands of Ontarians who firmly believe that your government's decision will raise their hydro rates, making life more and more unaffordable; and

  • Jobs: Your government’s policies on energy and taxation - including growing regulatory burdens - continue to be a barrier to investment and job growth in Ontario. Our province should be one where businesses want to invest. Instead, your government's decisions have in our view shut the door to new investment and have been driving existing Ontario businesses to more affordable jurisdictions.

I repeat my commitment that we will support what is in the best interests of Ontario, regardless of where that idea has originated. That is the commitment that I will bring to the Legislature beginning tomorrow, September 14th.

To that end, I would like to meet with you at your earliest convenience to discuss my party’s priorities and explore ways in which we can work together as legislators for the betterment of all who live and work in our great province. I have asked my Chief of Staff to reach out to your office to set up a time at your convenience.

‎I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Patrick Brown

Leader of the Ontario PC Party