Ontario PC Caucus Calls to Restore Liberal Cuts to Health Care

Published on October 21, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown and PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek hosted a press conference to discuss the Liberal Government’s cuts to health care.  Leader Patrick Brown and MPP Yurek were joined by Dr. Nadia Alam, Dr. Mark Linder, Dr. Jason Profetto, Dr. Kulvinder Gill, Dr. Brenna Velker and patient Tara Bourque, who discussed the impact the cuts have had on providing timely, quality health care services.

This afternoon, the Progressive Conservatives will table an opposition party motion to restore funding to physician services and return the missing federal Canada Health Transfer funding back into Ontario’s health care system.

“As I travel across the province and meet with patients and their families, I hear about how wait times for surgeries, doctor appointments and emergency room visits continue to get longer,” said Leader Patrick Brown.  “This is unacceptable.  Ontarians deserve a government that makes patient-centred care a priority.”

At the expense of Ontario’s patients, the Wynne Liberals have cut:

  • $54 million of the federal Canada Health Transfer from Ontario’s health care budget

  • $815 million from physician services

  • $50 million from physiotherapy services for seniors

  • 50 medical residency positions throughout the province

“All these cuts have one common denominator – they hurt patients,” stated MPP Yurek.  “Ontario is blessed with dedicated front line caregivers, all of whom work best to do what’s best for their patients.  Unfortunately, the Liberal Government’s short-sighted cuts to physician services will result in longer wait times and reduce access to care.  The cuts may lead to the closure of much needed walk-in clinics and addiction clinics, at a time when many communities face physician shortages and Ontarians struggle with long wait times to see a doctor.”

Leader Patrick Brown added, “These cuts to front line health care services are a blatant attempt by the Wynne Liberals to clean up their fiscal mess.  Patients suffer when money that should be used for their care is swallowed by bureaucracy, scandal and incompetence.  It’s a shame, but the Liberals aren’t in it for Ontario’s patients anymore.”