Ontario MPPs Agree Province Needs to Welcome Innovation and Opportunity

Published on October 29, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Today, MPP Tim Hudak’s Private Member’s Bill, Opportunity in the Sharing Economy Act, passed second reading.

“It is very encouraging for the many Ontarians who need a little extra help with the family budget and for those who want to embrace modern technology that this Bill passed second reading. I thank the Ontario MPPs who voted in favour,” said Hudak. 

“It’s time to legalize these services and empower people to make some money using their personal assets, such as a home, car or parking spot, under clear rules around consumer protection and safety,” said Hudak, adding he appreciates that his colleagues recognize that need.

During the debate, Hudak noted his colleagues often have larger debates about the level of taxation in Ontario and how they can spur the economy and create jobs in general.

“Here’s something we can do right away, and that’s to empower people to earn a little bit more money from assets they already own—in my bill, their home, their car and their parking space,” Hudak told MPPs.

Hudak's Private Member's Bill is a modern, province wide licensing system for ridesharing networks like Uber that mandates insurance, clean driving  records and criminal background checks for drivers. It also provides for an Accessible Vehicle Fund that encourages more fully-accessible vehicles on the roads.

Within the bill, homeowners will be able to share their home in whole or in part for up to 120 days per year without requiring a license and parking space owners can share a space for 365 days a year without needing a license as long as the space is legal and cars don't block sidewalks or other vehicles.

Hudak noted the interest, support and debate that his Bill has generated needs to continue as legislators debate the content and merit of Opportunity in the Sharing Economy Act, adding he hopes the discussion will continue online.

The public and industry experts can continue to take part in the debate at  www.opportunityinthesharingeconomy.ca where they can also read the bill in detail or send comments to political party leaders.