MPPs Will Debate Hudak’s Opportunity in the Sharing Economy Act This Afternoon News Date

Published on October 29, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Today is the day MPPs can say yes to saving you time and money while encouraging innovation in the Province of Ontario.

MPP Tim Hudak's Private Member's Bill, Opportunity in the Sharing Economy, is up for debate this afternoon, giving MPPs their first opportunity to discuss how government can empower hard-pressed Ontarians to make more money from things they already own, such as their car, home or parking spot.

"That added income means a lot to many families in Ontario. People have told me that driving for Uber helps them make ends meet, or gives them the opportunity to send their child to college or university," said Hudak.

"Today is about empowering Ontarians while encouraging investment and entrepreneurship in our province," added Hudak.

The Opportunity in the Sharing Economy Act, the first legislation of its kind in Canada, is a modern, province-wide licensing system that allows Ontarians to make money through Uber, Airbnb and Rover.

Some of the details of Hudak's Private Member's Bill include:

  • A modern, province wide licensing system for ridesharing networks like Uber that mandates insurance, clean driving records and criminal background checks for drivers.

  • An Accessible Vehicle Fund that encourages more fully-accessible vehicles on the roads.

  • Homeowners will be able to share their home in whole or in part for up to 120 days per year without requiring a license.

  • Parking space owners can share a space for 365 days a year without needing a license as long as the space is legal and cars don't block sidewalks or other vehicles.

Although this is the first opportunity for MPPs to formally discuss the Bill, Hudak did seek input from his colleagues as well as industry experts while drafting the Bill.

While MPPs are set to debate the Private Member's Bill this afternoon, the public can join the discussion on, where they can also read the bill in detail or send comments to political party leaders.