MPP Thompson Encourages Industry and Environment Collaboration

Published on October 22, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK - Yesterday in the House, MPP for Huron-Bruce Lisa Thompson shared remarks in recognition of National Waste Reduction Week and reminded the government to keep industry involved in a meaningful way in the process of reducing waste.

In doing so, she suggested to the Liberal government that their role should be to develop a system whereby the government sets the regulation and conducts evaluation, but allows industry to determine what technologies and processes are the best options to meet those goals.

"Ontario currently exports roughly 4 million tonnes of recoverable waste to the United States alone, and we cannot afford to let the economic growth opportunities associated with waste reduction leave the province," said Thompson. "We need a comprehensive, cost-effective policy in place that allows Ontario's innovators, scientists and industry professionals develop market-driven solutions to reach our environmental goals."

The government needs to get back to the business of making Ontario a leader once more in managing our waste, our economy and our environment by engaging with the people on the ground leading the way in innovation.

You can watch Lisa's remarks below: