Published on September 16, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Reports that well-paid Pan Am Games executives will cash in on lavish bonuses of up to $450,000 is further proof the Wynne Liberals aren’t in it for Ontarians anymore, said Steve Clark, Ontario PC Critic for Tourism, Culture and Sport.

“These bonuses are an insult to the millions of Ontarians who work hard every day to earn a living. In no other workplace in the province would an employee be handed a bonus equal to their annual pay just for showing up to work,” said Clark. “Where are this government’s priorities when $5.7 million is squandered on bonuses at a time when hospital services are being slashed, 800,000 people are without a doctor, and families can’t access home care or a long-term care bed for their loved ones?”

Clark called on the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport to immediately halt plans to award the bonus cheques.

“While the Minister claims the Games came in on budget, let’s remember they needed a $74-million bailout from Ontario taxpayers. Premier Wynne admitted today that the final numbers aren’t in,” said Clark. “On behalf of all Ontarians, I am calling on the Minister to issue an immediate stop payment on these bonuses.”

Clark has also written to Ontario’s Auditor General to ask for a full audit of all expenses related to the Games.

“Ontarians have learned they just can’t trust Liberal math. We need the Auditor General to step in and tell us the real cost of the Games to taxpayers,” said Clark.