Published on October 29, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK - This morning, Ontario PC GTA Affairs Critic, Gila Martow (MPP for Thornhill), questioned the Education Minister on controversial union payouts. The Premier and Minister of Education have offered vague explanations as to where funding was taken from to make the collective bargaining agreement net-zero.

Martow brought attention to a statement made earlier this week by former Liberal Finance Minister, Greg Sorbara, on an episode of The Agenda with Steve Paikin. When asked for his thoughts on the union payouts, Sorbara expressed, “It doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t look good, and there is a better way of doing it…put [the] expenses before an independent third party and that independent third party will come up with a number and it will be transparent, open.”

Martow questioned, “Is the Minister prepared to take her former colleague’s advice and designate a third party to review this apparent misappropriation of education tax dollars?”

Like many, Martow is concerned about the lack of respect for taxpayers’ dollars.

The public works long hours to make the money they contribute to government revenue. They deserve assurances that their education tax dollars go directly to education costs. They expect teacher union dues to cover the cost of negotiations as much as possible – and should the education ministry need to cover any costs, that receipts will be submitted,” added Martow

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