Published on October 07, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – As Bill 66, the Great Lakes Protection Act, is set to be voted on in the Legislature, the PC Critic for the Environment and Cap-and-Trade expressed her disappointment that the government plowed ahead without consideration of the concerns raised by the opposition parties.

“We are very disappointed that the Liberals failed to seriously consider the six key concerns the Ontario PC Party highlighted in the current legislation,” said MPP Lisa Thompson (Huron-Bruce).  “It is clear that this government never had any intention of listening to the valid concerns raised by opposition members, as they time-allocated the bill and only passed one of the 31 motions we put forth.”

Two of the most concerning features of the bill include the loss of local autonomy for communities, and a lack of transparency related to funding.

“We have already seen the devastation that the loss of local autonomy can have on communities,” stated Thompson.  “The Green Energy Act stripped local decision-making and littered our rural landscapes with unwanted industrial wind turbines Moreover, it is seriously concerning to see a piece of legislation appear before this house for a third time that fails to address our Party’s concerns over how initiatives under its mandate will be funded.  Ontario cannot afford to write cheques for redundant and poorly designed legislation that is lacking in sound science-based targets.”

“This government has proven once more that they are not in the business of respecting Ontarians,” concluded Thompson.