Liberals’ Bargaining Payouts Lack Transparency

Published on October 26, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK - Today, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown questioned Premier Wynne in the Legislature over the Government’s claim that paying $2.5 million this year for teachers’ unions negotiations is “business as usual.”

“The only reason the Liberals’ idea of ‘business as usual’ is out there is because this secret deal was leaked,” said Leader Patrick Brown.  “Every business I know keeps receipts to prove their expenses.  Will the Premier come clean and tell this province what she is buying with $2.5 million?”

This is not the first time the Liberal government has diverted money from the education budget to make a payment without any explanation to taxpayers.  In June 2014, the Minister of Education took $1.6 million in funding for anti-bullying and autism awareness programs to pay the legal fees in their lawsuit with Ontario’s school bus drivers.

“This government gave away $2.5 million without asking for a single receipt, and the best explanation the Minister of Education could muster for that money was hotel rooms and pizza,” added Leader Patrick Brown.  “I’m not sure where the Minister buys her pizza, but the pepperoni must be gold-plated.”

“If the Premier can’t produce a spreadsheet – down to the penny – that justifies the $2.5 million, maybe the Premier can explain what the payout was really meant for?”