Liberal Mismanagement Is Behind the Fire Sale of Hydro One

Published on October 07, 2015

Today in the Legislature, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown questioned the Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli over the billions of dollars wasted on the province’s energy file.

“This Liberal government isn’t being straight with the people of Ontario when it says that selling Hydro One is the only way to pay for infrastructure,” said Leader Patrick Brown.  “Unfortunately, the reality is that $4.2 billion was wasted on the energy file because of this government’s mismanagement.”

As a result of Liberal incompetence, this government has wasted:

  • $1.1 billion on the gas plant scandal.

  • $1.1 billion exporting power to other jurisdictions this year alone.

  • $1.9 billion on smart meters.

  • $83 million on misbillings as a result of Hydro One errors.

The billions of dollars wasted could have been used towards priorities Ontarians care about, such as health care and infrastructure funding.

“The Wynne Liberal’s decision to go ahead with the fire-sale Hydro One is a result of their own incompetence,” added Leader Patrick Brown.  “We know the Minister thinks this is a bad idea.  He said so unequivocally when he was Mayor of Ottawa.”

Leader Patrick Brown concluded, “The Minister should show he has some integrity left, go back to the cabinet table and tell the Premier that the fire sale of Hydro One is a bad deal for Ontario.”