Leader Patrick Brown to Premier Wynne: Cuts to Health Care Hurting Patients

Published on October 06, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – This morning, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown questioned Premier Wynne over her government’s cuts to health care. Brown focused on patient stories that highlight how the government’s health care cuts are hurting the people of Ontario.

“Cuts to physician payments are impacting services, such as the Telephone Health Advisory Service, that save patients from an unnecessary trip to the ER,” said Leader Patrick Brown.  “Is the Premier prepared to tell the people of Ontario that her cuts to health care are the reason more and more people will wait longer to receive care in an emergency room?”

Leader Patrick Brown also cited the example of a doctor in Thunder Bay who warns that the latest round of Liberal health cuts may force him to close two clinics and fire two staff members.  If the doctor’s clinics are closed, 4,000 more patients in Thunder Bay will be without a family physician.

“There are already 800,000 people in Ontario without a family doctor,” stated Leader Patrick Brown.  “How many more people is the Premier prepared to add to that list?”

Brown added, “This government is trying to portray Ontario’s doctors as the villains, but that is simply not the case.  The Wynne Liberal’s cuts to health care are restricting access to quality care that people in Ontario rightfully deserve.”