Leader Patrick Brown to Premier Wynne: Come Clean on Sudbury By-Election Scandal

Published on September 28, 2015

Today, Leader of the Official Opposition Patrick Brown questioned Premier Wynne in the Legislature regarding the criminal charges laid against key Liberal operative Gerry Lougheed Jr.

“Now that charges have been laid – will the Premier set the record straight?” said Leader Patrick Brown. “Did the Premier instruct either Pat Sorbara or Gerry Lougheed Jr. to offer Andrew Olivier a job or appointment in exchange for staying out of the Sudbury by-election?”

Leader Patrick Brown also highlighted the ongoing OPP investigation into apparent contraventions of the Elections Act by the Premier`s Deputy Chief of Staff, Pat Sorbara, and Gerry Lougheed.

“Just because Pat Sorbara won’t face criminal code charges, it doesn’t mean she won’t be charged under the Elections Act,” added Leader Patrick Brown.  “In the eyes of the hardworking people of Ontario, Pat Sorbara’s actions are no different than Gerry Lougheed’s.  In fact, they might be worse.  Will the Premier tell the people of Ontario what she instructed Lougheed and Sorbara to say, and to offer to, Andrew Olivier?”

Leader Patrick Brown concluded, “The Premier’s Office must be held to the highest standard. How can the Premier, in good conscience, continue to evade answering these serious criminal allegations when these corruption charges strike at the very heart of her office?”