Labour Relations Act Raises More Questions About Liberals’ Bargaining Payouts

Published on October 29, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – PC Community Safety and Corrections Critic MPP Rick Nicholls (Chatham-Kent-Essex) is calling for a safety review at Ontario’s new $600-million super jail in Etobicoke after a growing number of serious incidents at the facility.

Two weeks ago, Toronto South Detention Centre’s Security Monitor Control System malfunctioned for multiple days.

“This system controls the entire facility – from emergency alarms, cameras, doors, locks, to intercoms,” stated Nicholls in Question Period. “This system is the heart of this facility and must be functional. The facility’s security problems are a public safety threat.”

Three weeks ago, a female officer was trapped inside an elevator with multiple inmates for over an hour.

“Thankfully the officer was not harmed, but you can only imagine the fear she felt,” said Nicholls. “Shockingly, elevator issues were reported to the Ministry months ago.”

In addition, locks at the new super jail have malfunctioned on multiple occasions, with problems first arising in early 2014.  A set of the jail’s master keys went missing in February of 2015.

Given the shocking number of serious issues at the new jail, corrections officers are concerned for their safety.  MPP Nicholls believes the government must conduct an immediate review.

Nicholls concluded, “Will the Minister take immediate action at Toronto South Detention Centre, and conduct an in-depth safety review for public release?”