Key Documents

Ontario PC Party Constitution.

As amended at the March 2016 General Meeting in Ottawa. This document lays out the principles by which the Party is governed.

Constituency Association Model Constitution.

As amended in June 2016 by the Party Executive, this document serves as a Model Constitution for the Party's Constituency Associations.

Rules Governing the Provincial Membership Registry.

Rules governing the Provincial Membership Registry as amended September 9, 2017.

Membership Application Form.

Ontario PC Party 2017 Membership Application Form. Use this form if you do not wish to process your membership online.

Rules Governing Candidate Nominations.

As approved by the PC Party of Ontario Executive on April 2, 2016. This document lays out the rules by which the Party's Candidate Nomination process is governed.

Rules Governing Policy Development and Adoption Process.

As amended by the PC Party of Ontario Executive on October 12, 2017.