Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown delivers inaugural speech at Annual Toronto Leader’s Dinner

Published on June 18, 2015

TORONTO - Newly elected Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown continued to carry the energy from his leadership win into his first speech at the sold-out Annual Ontario PC Toronto Leader’s Dinner. Brown welcomed and thanked tonight’s attendees and announced that in the five weeks since being elected Leader, the Ontario PC Party has raised more than $1.5 million dollars.

Brown’s speech focused on the much-needed leadership that Ontario has lacked from this Liberal government by laying out the most pressing priorities that will turn Ontario around: Good roads, affordable energy and reduced red tape.

“We need good roads so that both people and products can move as efficiently and effectively as possible,” said PC Leader Patrick Brown. “But it’s not just about getting goods to market; long commutes and stressful drives have a real, tangible impact on the health of Ontario families. Congestion, wait times, gridlock – these are all issues we know too much about and they need to be addressed. GTA residents have the longest commutes in the country and this speaks to a larger problem with our province’s transit system.”

Brown also referenced that, since the Liberals were elected, hydro costs have increased by more than $1,000 per year on the average family and that they will continue to go up.

“This is a huge burden on businesses, seniors and families, and it’s making some people have to choose between turning on the heat and buying food. And for businesses, Ontario’s high hydro rates are driving them out of the province – or stopping them from expanding or setting up businesses here,” said Brown.

Touching on the excessive growth of red tape that Ontario has seen, Brown questioned why the government is making it so difficult for businesses to operate in the province.

“Having to spend time and resources filling out excessive paperwork or jumping through endless hoops is a roadblock for businesses, both large and small and to people who are just trying to live, work and raise a family,” said Brown. “Red tape will not grow under a Progressive Conservative government.”

The PC Leader added that “whether it’s a new payroll tax, congested roads, increasing hydro rates or more red tape, the Liberal government is making it harder to do business in Ontario and compete successfully around the globe.”