Jeff Yurek | MPP, Elgin-Middlesex-London

Published on February 09, 2017

Critic, Health 

Member of Provincial Parliament for Elgin-Middlesex-London, Jeff Yurek, is a proud life-long resident of St. Thomas, Ontario.

Having grown-up with the family business, Yurek Pharmacy Ltd., which was started by his father Ed in 1963, Jeff’s natural ability and desire to help others directed him to follow in his father’s footsteps. Having graduated from the Pharmacy Program at the University of Toronto in 1995, Jeff also held a position as a teaching associate with the University of Toronto’s Structured Practical Experience Program for the School of Pharmacy. Jeff and Peter purchased the family business and together have continued to build on the Yurek reputation and expanded the operations to include home healthcare, mobility, bulk pharma packaging, and distribution.

Jeff has always recognized the value and importance of supporting one’s community. Despite the busy schedule that comes with growing a small business, Jeff has been actively involved with a number of local charitable and not-for-profit organizations such as: The Knights of Columbus; Rotary Club; Alzheimer’s Society, and the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce.

Motivated largely by his desire for a better Ontario, for the sake of his daughter and his community, Jeff made the decision to set aside his professional career and seek the nomination for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario for the riding of Elgin-Middlesex-London. In October 2011, Jeff won the election and now proudly serves the constituents of Elgin-Middlesex-London as their Member of Provincial Parliament.

Jeff’s passion for a better Ontario is reflected in his track record as an advocate for change that benefits Ontarians today and tomorrow; to protect and steward Ontario’s assets and provide the conditions necessary to build and sustain a legacy of opportunity. His efforts were responsible for the creation of “Ryan’s Law” legislation that sets standards of care for children attending Ontario schools that require the use of asthma medication. This was a significant accomplishment given that at the time the legislation passed, Jeff was a member of the Official Opposition during a Liberal Majority Government. Jeff’s passion also extends to the creation of sustainable healthcare that serves the public and creates value for taxpayer dollars. He has petitioned against OHIP fee cut funding to physiotherapy. Being a part of the healthcare profession Jeff understands what Ontario’s healthcare system needs to be better today and in the future.

Jeff has served in a series of roles in the PC Caucus including Deputy Critic of Finance (Auto Insurance Reform), Critic of Transportation & Auto Insurance Reform, Member of the Standing Committee on General Government, and Critic of Natural Resources and Forestry.

Currently Jeff services as the PC Critic of Health in addition to a Member of the Standing Committee of Regulation and Private Bills and represents the PC Caucus within the Polish community as part of his cultural outreach portfolio.

When not at Queen’s Park, Jeff continues his involvement in the community. He frequently hosts citizen roundtables and town hall meetings to gather community input for policy development and to keep current with constituent’s concerns. His focus: matters affecting the people of Elgin-Middlesex-London.  This includes, but is not limited to, a campaign to have the government reverse their decision regarding the Slots at Racetrack Program; improvements to the skilled Trades Sector; Wind Turbines; Education; Mental Health and the state of social services in Ontario. In addition, he has fought for accountability and answers on matters around OHIP coverage; hunting and fishing regulations and mandatory WSIB coverage for independent contractors.

A product of a large family, Jeff understands the importance of work-life balance and the benefits of quality family time. As such, he is committed to not only his constituents but the needs and interests of his own family. In spite of a heavy schedule, Jeff is always certain to plan time with his daughter Maggie and wife Jenn. As a family, they enjoy attending local events, travel, and get-a-ways to the family cottage