Supporting Merit Based Teacher Hiring

Supporting Merit Based Teacher Hiring

For too long, teachers have been hired based on seniority rather than skill.

Nearly a decade ago, the Liberals imposed a hiring policy (Regulation 274) that led to the hiring of teachers exclusively on seniority.

This regulation created considerable barriers for getting teachers into classrooms and undermined the quality of learning.

It is time we give principals the tools to hire the best candidate.

The move to remove Regulation 274 is backed fully by Ontario Catholic and Public, English and French, Principal Councils, Trustee Associations, Parent Advocacy Groups, and students themselves.

Only the teachers’ unions advocate for the status quo— seeking to protect a system that made seniority paramount.

Do you agree, we must prioritize merit over seniority and scrap regulation 274?

Add your name to the petition if you support this common sense approach.