Restoring Fairness to Hydro Executive Pay

Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, would use every governing tool to reduce executive salaries

TORONTO, ON - Patrick Brown, Ontario PC Leader, today announced that an Ontario PC Government will immediately act to cut the salaries and compensation of the OPG and Hydro One executives who have presided over skyrocketing hydro bills facing Ontario families.

“It’s time to stop rewarding the people who are presiding over the Wynne Liberal hydro rip-off,” Brown said. “These are the same people who have presided over a system that has tripled our hydro bills since 2003. What are they being rewarded for?”

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Ontario PCs deliver thousands of letters to stop unfair hydro rate hike

TORONTO - Today, the Ontario PCs delivered 2,237 letters to the Ontario Energy Board urging them to reject Hydro One’s unfair and unaffordable application for a $141 rate hike.

“Ontarians are tired of seeing executives at Hydro One getting massive raises, because for many people life has become unaffordable," said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown. “Both the Ontario Energy Board and Kathleen Wynne should take note. The volume of letters we delivered today is a clear sign they should reject this rate hike.”

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Open Letter to Premier Wynne from PC Leader Patrick Brown

Today, Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown sent the Premier the following open letter calling for her to reject Hydro One’s recent application for a rate increase.

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Liberals will raise your taxes to offset hydro costs

Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government will try to make you believe they are fixing this electricity mess, but every time they touch it, they make it worse.

Don’t be fooled by them: The Liberals will pay for their scheme by raising your taxes, and your electricity rates will increase again the moment they have the chance.

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Libs’ cap-and-trade makes life more expensive

Ontarians are looking for a sense of hope in 2017, and a real sense of pride when it comes to goals such as working hard, raising their families, or saving for retirement.

Unfortunately, many will struggle because life in this province is becoming more difficult. The Ontario Liberal government does not want you to keep money in your pocket, because they are obsessed with schemes that take away your hard-earned dollars.

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