Historic Relationship Between Ontario and Quebec Foundation of Strong Nation

Published on May 11, 2015

QUEEN’S PARK – Ontario and Quebec have a strong and historic relationship, and have been important partners in the history of Canada, said Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown in responding to Quebec Premier Couillard’s speech to the Ontario Legislature today. “Part of what has united us over the years has been our provinces’ abilities to show leadership on key issues. I am proud that it was one of my predecessors as leader of the PC Party, John Robarts, who did so much to build a strong relationship between our two provinces, working alongside a predecessor of your party, Jean Lesage. The Confederation of Tomorrow conference was a seminal moment in the history of this relationship and in the history of our country.”

Brown talked about how he became involved in politics through former federal PC Leader and Quebec Premier, Jean Charest, and his involvement with Charest in the NO campaign, during the 1995 Quebec referendum. “It was an experience that left an indelible mark on me, and helped to shape who I am,” said Brown.

Premier Couillard has been showing great leadership since he took office, stated Brown. “You have made the attainment of a balanced budget a priority. You are taking steps to ensure the long term financial health of your province – and are committed to keeping your budget balanced. This is music to my ears – and certainly to the ears of my colleagues. You realize that to be able to have a prosperous province, you need to have a strong economy. This then gives you the ability to invest in people and projects.”

Hydro rates are a key component of a healthy economy, believes Brown, and Quebec’s energy policy is a model of leadership in this important policy area. “Low hydro rates mean a better business climate. Low hydro rates mean better circumstances for people.” Brown hopes to use the Quebec affordable energy policy as a model for Ontario and PC Party policies.