Hillier’s Bill Seeking Accountability Defeated

Published on September 18, 2015

Queens Park - Yesterday, Lanark-Frontenac-Lennox and Addington MPP Randy Hillier ‎debated Bill 89 – An Act to Amend the Election Act with respect to the recall of members of the Legislative Assembly (MPP Recall Legislation) at Second Reading in the hopes of having it sent to committee.

Thursday, with enthusiastic supporters closely observing the proceedings with a renewed interest in the political process, the government denied accountability and further obfuscated transparency by dashing the bill and killing Hillier's most recent attempt for further accountability of elected officials to their constituents.

"I believe we saw a display of how much some Members respect and value the input of their constituents,” Hillier said. "The people's consent is the single factor that creates, determines, and defines a legitimate representative democracy," Hillier added.  “Sometimes members lose the confidence of their constituents between elections, yet the people who voted them in have no recourse, and find themselves stuck with someone who doesn’t act in what they view to be their best interests for the next few years," Hillier continued.

The bill would have allowed MPPs to be recalled if a petition was filed that held 25% of the voters from the last election which would then trigger a by-election which the incumbent MPP would be free to run in. British Columbia has recall legislation in place as do many jurisdictions throughout the United States such as Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota and Wisconsin among others. In addition the British Parliament has just passed MPP Recall legislation in March of this year.

“I’m disappointed the government doesn’t want to become more accountable to voters, but is fully prepared to remove voters the right to due process through their impending AMPS legislation.” Hillier said “This only reaffirms the public distrust of our institutions – that elected people are not in it for the right reasons” Hillier concluded.

You can watch Randy makes his case for recall legislation here.