Statement from Ontario PC Long-Term Care Critic Bill Walker on the public inquiry into the Wettlaufer case

“Ontarians are still shaken by the horrific actions of Elizabeth Wettlaufer that resulted in the deaths of eight innocent people. While the trial in the Wettlaufer case concluded over a month ago, with Wettlaufer pleading guilty to 14 different charges, Ontario families remain concerned for their loved ones living in nursing homes.

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Government finally agrees to Wettlaufer inquiry

WOODSTOCK – Ernie Hardeman, MPP Oxford, said that a public inquiry will ideally help to explain the depth of the problems that led to the horrifying actions of Elizabeth Wettlaufer, and whether correcting these problems earlier could have prevented any of these deaths.

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Speech to RNAO 92nd Annual General Meeting

Congratulations on another successful AGM. 

I want to commend you for your commitment to public health care and the well-being of families and seniors.

For many of us, our interaction with the health care system usually begins with an odd broken bone or occasional illness.

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