Gila Martow | MPP, Thornhill

Published on February 09, 2017

Critic for Children, Youth and Families, Critic for Francophone Affairs
Critic for Greater Toronto Area Issues

Gila Martow is a Canadian politician, elected to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on February 13, 2014. She represents the riding of Thornhill as a member of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Caucus.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo as an optometrist, Gila moved to Thornhill in 1989, where she and her husband, Jeff, co-ran an eye clinic attached to Markham Stouffville Hospital until she took office last February. 

As a mother of four, Gila is dedicated to making York Region the best place to live, work and play for our future generations. To that effect, Gila has served as the Chair of the Parents Association of TanenbaumCHAT York Region Campus. Additionally, over the past 25 years, Gila has spent much of her free time fundraising and volunteering for not-for-profit organizations in Thornhill, including York Region’s CNIB and Hadassah.


When the Legislature is sitting, Gila is at Queen’s Park, Monday to Thursday, taking part in debate in the House and committee meetings. In between her House duties, she meets with stakeholders and staff regarding new ideas for legislation and ways to make existing legislation more responsive to the needs of Ontarians.

On Fridays, Gila meets with constituents at her Constituency Office and attends events in the riding. Her weekends are usually busy with community events, whether it’s a small business opening, a park clean-up, or a roundtable discussion on how to make Thornhill a better place to call home.

When the Legislature is not in session, Gila is usually in the riding but sometimes attends Queen’s Park to meet with stakeholders, other MPPs and Ministers, or provincial staff.

Gila believes her prime responsibility is to the constituents she is elected to represent. She is there to help you and other Thornhill residents and businesses from both her Queen’s Park and Constituency offices. Her office can help with navigating provincial services like WSIB, the Family Responsibility Office, or even with handling Will & Power of Attorney Kits.  The Constituency office is also where you can request a certificate for a special person or occasion.  Just call and someone will be happy to assist you!