Getting Ontario Back on Track. Add your Name NOW!

Getting Ontario Back on Track. Add your Name NOW!

Ontario is the heart of Canada's manufacturing engine. Our Ontario PC Government is working hard to chart a path to recovery and get our province booming once again. 

We're going on tour because we want to hear from businesses and people like you!

We want to see how you're doing firsthand and let you know we’re on track to recover from the impacts of COVID-19 stronger than we've ever been before. We want to hear your big ideas, and as we crisscross the province we want to thank the 14.5 million people of Ontario who made sacrifices and difficult decisions to protect all Ontarians. 

As we reopen the province, we want to encourage people to get out there and support their local, Ontario-made businesses. 

For months, business owners across Ontario put their lives on hold to support us. Now it’s our time to support them.

We’re rolling up our sleeves and we are going to keep working with you until everyone gets back on their feet.

Together, let's get Ontario's economy back on track!