Energized Ontario PC Members to Elect New Leader

Published on May 01, 2015

TORONTO – Members of a bigger and stronger Ontario PC Party will begin voting for the next Leader this Sunday in the first of two scheduled voting days in ridings across the province, said Party President Richard Ciano.

“Our Party’s rapid growth in membership since the leadership contest was launched in November is a reflection of the hard work of the candidates who have strengthened our grassroots and attracted tens of thousands of new members,” said Ciano. “We’re excited because we know this is the beginning of the end of a Liberal government defined by scandal, arrogance and mismanagement.

Ciano noted that unlike the Liberal Party’s scheme of selecting a leader by only allowing barely 2,000 delegates to vote, the Ontario PC Party’s leadership election process empowers the grassroots members by giving them all a direct voice.

Voting by 76,587 eligible members in polls across Ontario will take place Sunday, May 3 from 11am to 5pm, and on Thursday, May 7 from 3pm to 9 pm. Results will be announced on Saturday, May 9 at the Toronto Congress Centre.