Change that works for hydro customers

Few issues exemplify the failures of the Liberals more than hydro prices. Fourteen years of Liberal mismanagement, recklessness, and politically-driven decisions have left families, seniors, and business owners paying more. A lot more. Our hydro rates have tripled since the Liberals took office. We now have the fastest-rising electricity prices in North America, and the highest rates in Canada.

This cannot go on. The average Ontario family has already seen their annual hydro bill go up by $1,000 since the Liberals took office. Household budgets have been squeezed and families across the province have been set back.

Ontario families need relief. But instead, the Liberals have offered a “needlessly complex” scheme that, according to the Auditor General, will add billions of dollars in future costs. Worse still, the government’s own internal documents show that if Kathleen Wynne is re-elected, after the election, electricity rates will skyrocket to the highest rates yet.

We need to do better on hydro. Ontario families need a hydro bill they can afford. Ontario businesses need to be able to keep the lights on.

The Ontario PCs will provide hard-working families and businesses with urgent hydro relief.