Change that works for drivers

Eight out of 10 Ontarians drive to work each morning. Drivers in our province face the longest commute times in the country. It’s become a fact of life for millions of Ontarians. 

Getting to and from work can impose a financial burden in the form of wear-and-tear on our vehicles or higher insurance payments. Getting to and from work can pose safety risks in the winter time. Getting to and from work can take us away from our family and friends. 

The Liberals regularly ignore those who commute by car, truck, or van. They only seem to care about the growing yet still small share of the population who take public transit – even though it’s not an option for people in rural or remote communities or those in the cities who need their vehicles for work or to drive their children around. 

These Ontarians need a government who will care about them and the costs and burdens associated with driving to work each and every day. The Ontario PCs will make it easier for those who drive to work. We will provide tax relief to offset the costs of purchasing winter tires and cap higher insurance fees based on where you live. We will respect the choices that people make and help where we can to make life easier for you and your family.