Change that makes Government accountable

Ontario families expect and deserve a government that’s accountable, honest, and respectful of taxpayers. This is a sacred trust. No compromise.

That’s not what Kathleen Wynne and her Liberal government have delivered. Entitlement has flourished. Insiders have gotten richer. They have failed taxpayers.

This isn’t mere rhetoric. It’s a fact. The Liberals sell access to Cabinet Ministers and strong-arm companies that work with the government to donate to the Liberal Party. The Liberals reward donors with expensive contracts. The list goes on and on. While Liberal insiders get rich, Ontario families work harder, pay more, and get less.

Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals can’t be trusted to put the interests of the province ahead of their own. After 15 years in power, they’ll never change.

The Ontario PCs will bring fair, honest, and good governance to the province. We will clean up government and put hardworking families first. We will do this by enacting historic new accountability legislation to bring trust and integrity back to the Ontario government.