Change that gets Ontario working

Ontario taxpayers want to work and contribute to their families and communities. They understand that work is not just about the paycheque. It’s also about making a difference and seeing your accomplishments. People don’t want handouts. They want opportunities.

Yet under the Liberals, there have been fewer opportunities for work to earn a paycheque and make a difference. Ontario’s job creation record is among the lowest in the country. Nearly half of our urban areas have fewer jobs than they did in 2008.

The economic and social costs aren’t just reflected in high unemployment or low labour force participation. It’s a burden on families, on communities, and on individuals.

We need to get Ontario working again. We need to restore the province as a place of opportunity. We need to make it a place where people can contribute and make a difference.

The Ontario PCs will help get Ontarians back to work. We will enact an ambitious plan of tax relief, strategic investments, red tape reduction, and a greater focus on apprenticeships and trades to help businesses invest, hire, and grow.