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Statement from Ontario PC Party President Jag Badwal

"Mr. Patrick Brown has submitted his paperwork to run for the leadership of the Ontario PC Party. 

"Earlier today I was informed by our Interim Leader Vic Fedeli that he has removed Mr. Brown as an Ontario PC Caucus member. 

"Mr. Brown's application will follow the same due process in the same manner as the other four declared candidates."

Statement from Interim Leader Vic Fedeli

“Shortly after becoming Interim Leader, I asked Patrick Brown to step aside from the PC Caucus. The legislature is set to resume sitting on Tuesday February 20TH following Family Day. Earlier today, Mr. Brown was notified that he has been removed from the PC Caucus effective immediately. The same procedure was followed when Mr. Brown removed Jack MacLaren from the PC Caucus.”

Statements on the nomination of Chief Clifford Bull in Kiiwetinoong

Statement from Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli:

“I congratulate Chief Clifford Bull on his nomination as the Ontario PC candidate for Kiiwetinoong. Chief Bull is the first candidate to ever be nominated in this new riding, which has a majority Indigenous population.

“Chief Bull is a great addition to our already experienced, modern, inclusive, and pragmatic PC team. As Chief of Lac Seul First Nation since 2006, Chief Bull has been a champion for not only his community, but all First Nations communities.

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Statement from Interim Ontario PC Leader Vic Fedeli on Lunar New Year

“Today, I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings to everyone celebrating the Lunar New Year. Whether it’s the Chinese Spring Festival, the Korean Seollal, or the Vietnamese Tet, this is a time to get together with family and friends and reflect on the past year while celebrating the beginning of a bright and promising New Year.

“The Lunar New Year is also a time during which families, friends, and communities congregate to worship ancestors, give gifts, eat traditional meals, and participate in other customs including variations of the Lion Dance, bell ringing, and lighting of fire crackers.

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FAO Report pours cold water on Wynne Liberal “fairness” claim

Statement from Ontario PC Finance Critic Lisa MacLeod

"Whether it’s skyrocketing hydro rates, exorbitant taxes and fees, or a politically-motivated, overnight hike to the minimum wage, Ontario is no longer open for business under the Wynne Liberals. Job creators are finding it harder to make ends meet and get ahead.

“Ontario was once Canada’s job-creating, economic engine. But under the Wynne Liberals, regions of our province are being left behind. Southwestern, Eastern, and Northern Ontario only saw 1,600 net new jobs combined. This is a government that has ignored important regions of our province to serve their own political self-interests.

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